I'm a marriage and family counseling grad student at Texas State University, sexual assault advocate a an Austin crisis center, and an Administrative Assistant + Editor at TexProtects. I'm based in Austin, Texas, where I've lived on and off for 20+ years. 

In my studies: I'm interested in serving clients who have been through sexual trauma, domestic violence and/or need intimate relationship counseling, sex therapy, or sexuality and identity counseling. I am gender-affirming, body-positive, sexuality-affirming, and seek to serve people in an intersectional way. I am non-pathologizing in my work, approaching counseling from a feminist, narrative framework.

I am not yet a licensed counselor, but I am happy to refer you to someone who is.

In my job: I write and edit for TexProtects, Champions for Safe Children. I help write policy briefs, reports, and mailings. I help with anything that needs editing and also act as an administrative assistant to the Austin-based staff.

As a presenter: I have presented to audiences of up to 100 people. My topics range from Adverse Childhood Experiences, mental health management, Feminist Therapy, sexual fetishes and Paraphilic Disorders, and more. I have also provided testimony on mental health in front of members of the Texas legislature. 

As an advocate: I volunteer at the SAFE Alliance, a domestic violence and sexual assault help center. If you or someone you know needs help contact one of the 24/7 numbers on this page.

See my Resume.

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Photo by Erika Rich.

Photo by Erika Rich.

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