Instagrammers Who Explore Mental Health Through Art

Stigma about mental health and mental illness is pervasive in American society. One way to combat it is through art and social media. These Instagrammers are using both to talk about mental health in a way that is relatable, positive, and often humorous. I’ve followed some of these for years and others are newer finds, but all are helping to reduce stigma in unique and creative ways. Let me know in the comments what you would add to this list!

Beth Evans @bethdrawsthings

Beth Evans uses anthropomorphic lumps to express her thoughts on anxiety, depression, and living your best life however you need to to stay mentally healthy. She's also just published a book


Hannah Daisy @makedaisychains

UK artist Hannah Daisy talks a lot about what she calls "boring" self-care. She also has a ton of cute pins and patches she's made so you can wear her art.


chuck @chuckdrawsthings

Artist Charlotte Mullin calls herself a "flock of pigeons in an adult suit." She uses her pigeons to talk about anxiety, medication, and her day-to-day life. See her shop here.


The Latest Kate @thelatestkate

The Latest Kate posts colorful mantras and reminders paired with cute animals and other-worldly beings. They also sell cute pillows, mugs, iPhone cases, prints, and other items at their shop.


Mari Andrew @bymariandrew

Instagrammer Mari Andrew illustrates grief, loss, and ending or entering relationships. Her book of essays "Am I There Yet?"  tells the stories behind her drawings.


Ruby @rubyetc_

Ruby draws about mental illness, procrastination, love, and whimsy. Visit their patreon to support their work.


The Sad Ghost Club @theofficialsadghostclub

The Sad Ghost Club is a collection of artists that make art about mental illness and breaking the stigma around it. Visit their website to join the club, buy great art, and learn more about the artists behind the work.