About my studies in marriage and family counseling:

In 2015, I published a grant-funded article in the Texas Observer navigating the potential uses of trauma-informed care within the Texas foster care system. Throughout the almost year-long reporting process, the variety of mental health practices that helped vulnerable persons recover from past traumatic experiences fascinated me. I realized that, while I intend to continue educating the public on mental health through writing, I feel compelled to open my skillset and help people on a more intimate level than journalism allows.

I plan to further develop my knowledge and skills so that I may provide direct therapy services on a professional level. My primary area of interest is working with survivors recovering from sexual and domestic trauma, consumers with intimate relationships in need of repair, and those who are exploring their sexual and gender identity – whether alone or through couplehood.

About my journalism:

I am an expert in putting together the story puzzle pieces to invite readers to explore, engage and expand their worldview.

I believe in transparency vs. objectivity. Check out what the Society of Professional Journalists have to say about ethics – that's pretty in line with my thinking. 

My body of work includes: data visualization; digital and print photography; videography; and magazine, newspaper and online print journalism. 

I earned my Master's in Journalism in December 2013 from the UT-Austin journalism program.

I've been published in various Texas and national news publications. I interned as a data journalist with the Austin American-Statesman. I got a Fund for Investigative Journalism grant to look at the intersection of the Texas foster care and mental health care systems. I covered the ONA 2013 Conference as part of the Student Newsroom. I survived reporting the raucous 83rd Texas legislative session for the Texas Observer. I also traveled to Germany and Poland as a FASPE 2013 Journalism fellow, where I and 13 other journalists discussed ethical issues in contemporary and Nazi-era journalism.

See my resumé.